Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 1st April 2017

Newsletter for April - May 2017.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3, v. 11.

Hello, everyone, and as always, we send our grateful thanks for all your support and prayers since we last wrote. Things are very busy here, as we prepare for our huge step in moving to the U.S. in the very near future.


As we are now going to be writing and formatting this bi-monthly newsletter, and sending it from the States, we are asking for your help. The costs of posting the letter have been quite considerable since we have been sending them direct from Romania for some months now. The postage costs will be even higher from the U.S., so, please, IF YOU ARE ABLE TO RECEIVE THE LETTER BY EMAIL, let us know asap. The next letter will be for May and June this year, so, if we are able to send as many out as possible on line, this will significantly lessen the bimonthly postage bill for J.A.R.S. Thank you.

Also on the subject of this newsletter, please consider if you could help us by printing and distributing the letter on a regular basis. This would entail receiving the letter ready-formatted by email, then printing it out, printing address labels from a data base we would give to you, then placing the letters into envelopes and sending them out. Most of the letters go to supporters in the U.K. Of course, the postage and envelope costs would be covered by J.A.R.S., so your input would be time and effort; every two months, we currently send around forty-five letters by mail, and to do all the above would take in the region of three to four hours. If more people are receiving the letter by email then obviously this time would decrease accordingly.


After our last newsletter, sent out in February, we had an amazing response from many of our supporters. Many people got in touch to encourage us in our next step for the Lord, which blessed us greatly; it is very humbling to hear that many of you pray daily for us and our work, and that you are willing to continue to support, even though our ministry is changing quite drastically.

This is a quote from an email we received from a young lady whose family offered us amazing hospitality on our very first trip to Romania back in 1991.

"What a lovely e-mail you sent to us! I told my mum what you wrote about our family, and she nearly cried on the phone. She was so impressed! And I was very impressed too.

We praise God that He used us to be a little part in your journey and ministry in our land and are sorry to see that you need to leave. But, God knows better. He said in His word: "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end". So, may you find comfort in His word and may He protect you and help you to get on well quickly with everything in the new place".

This family welcomed us into their home for two evenings twenty-six years ago, and their love and hospitality were so genuine; the impression we were left with was one of the reasons we wanted to come back to Romania, and we have kept in touch with this young lady ever since.


We officially took our leave of the Christian School in Iaşi where we have been working for the past year. Ian continued to work for a few weeks after that date (until late February) to enable him to finish off work he had started, to leave the school at a "straight edge". All our efforts were greatly appreciated, and it was a blessing to be told that we will be missed!

The contact with Denby School in the U.K. will continue despite our move from Romania. Raluca, one of the English teachers, has kindly agreed to take over the administration of this connection, and is happy to organise the writing and posting of the children's letters, in collaboration with Mrs. Jane Travis at the U.K. school. Both parties are delighted by the connection which is building between the schools, and we hope and pray that it will last for many more years.

We recently heard that Cristi, the headmaster of the Romanian school, together with another member of staff, will soon be travelling to Jordan to work with misplaced children, teaching them and taking financial help for them and their families. This is a new endeavour, and involves asking the children and parents to raise funds for the gifts they will take. The first fund raising event was a Pancake Day, held at the school on 9th March. 240 Euro was raised towards the cause - an excellent start! Cristi and Liviu duly travelled to Jordan in early March, and we will share with you the news of their trip as soon as we have it.


We have now moved back to our own house in Volovăţ, and left behind the rented property we had occupied for the past thirteen months. It is good to be back, and after a week or so of hard work, we have the house up and running, clean and liveable for the few weeks before we leave for the U.K.

Picture of our house for sale.
Our house.

Our next task is to get all our belongings packed and ready to be stowed in a container and sent on its way to Ottawa, Illinois. Although the container will almost certainly arrive there before we do, there is already storage space earmarked for its contents, and there will be willing hands to unload them all ready for our arrival, whenever that will be.

Once we make a date for the container, we can start getting an itinerary together for our visit to Blighty.

Life just now is very hectic, although it feels great to have made our first step westwards! We have been warmly welcomed by our neighbours here in the village, and given amazing help by Mişu and Livia, as well as Ken and Monica, a couple from the International Church we attended whilst in the Iaşi area.


The Gypsy village, in which we have worked for so many years, is very much part of our hearts. We pray often for its inhabitants, and recently visited Petrica and Viorica, the couple with whom we have worked and shared an amazing friendship.

Their news was good. The church is running smoothly although Vladimir and Margareta are able to attend less often; due to their advanced age (Vladimir is now in his mid-eighties), they only ever go to the Sunday morning services, and even that is becoming a more rare occurrence. Vladimir is very keen that Petrica should take over from him as over all leader of the church, and after much prayer and thought, Petrica and Viorica have accepted this decision. They are aware that it is a big responsibility to take on, and we talked about how God has led them over the past years, and shown them that His hand is on them, both in the church and as a very important witness in the village.

Very exciting was their idea that they want to run a canteen from the old church building, i.e. the now "church hall", where a team from Mosaic Church, Darlington installed a kitchen some four years ago. This gladdens our hearts, as this very practical work will show God's love to the people of the village, and also provide a much-needed hot meal for those too poor to buy and cook food for themselves. They plan to start by providing one hot lunch per week and see how it goes; the main need for this work is finance to cover the cost of food and gas for cooking, as over the years, we have stocked the kitchen by appealing for plates, cutlery and other essentials. The kitchen itself has a large fridge with a small freezer, a cooker that runs off bottled gas and plenty of storage space, while the hall contains trestle tables and benches, plus some chairs we had donated a few years ago.

Picture of Petrica and Viorica.
Petrica and Viorica.

Please pray for them as they begin this venture. It is a big step of faith as they have literally no capital to start the work; the first step is to connect the water to the kitchen sink (the pipes are laid, just the connection is necessary). It is a delight to us that they have thought of this themselves; to see them moving forward into this new and exciting stage of their lives is confirmation from God that all the years of praying, talking, studying and generally befriending them are bearing fruit. To Him be the glory!


For protection from illness and injury as we pack our stuff, and load it onto the container.

For Ian and Mişu as they work on both our cars (a project planned last autumn but postponed due to illness on both their parts).

Picture of Ian and Misu working.
Ian and Mişu working on Mişu's car.

For all the things we need to cancel here in Romania, such as household utilities, our business through which we used to buy the glassware, bank accounts, etc.

We still need to sell this house in Volovăţ, and it would be great if we could do so before we leave. Please pray also for the issues which still exist re the courtyard attached to the house, that the buyer will be willing to accept a good option that will enable them to own the land in a few years' time.

Pray, too, for the sale of the house we rented in Uricani; its sale by the end of June would benefit both its owners (who have to leave their current rented property in Bucharest, where Victor is a pastor) and ourselves.

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