Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 30th January 2017

Newsletter for January - February 2017.

A Happy New Year to all our readers, and thanks to all who continue to support and pray for us and our ministry.


Many of you will already know that God has been speaking to us since we returned to Romania back in September, and that He has called us to take a step of faith into the future with Him.

Although we were fired up and rested after our time spent in the U.S. last summer, and ready to start again the work for the Lord in Romania, we both felt subdued rather than excited as we travelled across Europe and entered Romania. As time went on, and we prayed and sought God about this strange situation, He showed us that our time in Romania has come to an end. After twenty-six years of working for Romania and its people, ten of which we have spent actually living here, the season we thought would never end has finished. Shocked though we were, we asked God for the next step. His reply also shocked us! He is calling us to move to Ottawa, Illinois, the town where we spent time in the summer of last year, and where Sue received much healing and restoration after many years of suffering from PTSD.

Having spoken with Ian and Linda Willson, who pastor Mosaic Church in Darlington, and who have been overseeing our work and lives for several years, and also contacting Pastor John in Illinois, we are convinced that this is the right step to take, and are now working towards that goal; there are many issues that need to be solved, not least of which is the sale of our house back in Volovăţ and the obtaining of the land attached to it. BUT GOD is showing us a new thing, as His word says, and we know that He will pave the way for us to make this move in His time.

All of the above has taken time and many hours of prayer, discussion and thought by all concerned. We are not doing this lightly, and continue to ask God to close the door if the move isn't in His will.

Our hearts are tending towards working with the homeless in Ottawa as God leads, and Pastor John has also asked us to be instrumental in encouraging those in the church who are interested in mission work. The church already works alongside some people in Mexico, so John is keen for us to be involved in that ministry, and we also expect that we may be leading mission trips back to Romania from time to time. Whatever, we know that God will have His hand on the people we are leaving behind, and we hope to manage to visit them from time to time if that is His will.

J.A.R.S. will continue to exist, as its aims are not specific to Romania. Much of its income will be channelled to the work here, in providing money for food parcels, etc., as before, and support for the school in Iaşi will go ahead as usual.


Our thanks go to John, Lilian and Paul Mills, who have again made and sold non-alcoholic ginger wine in aid of J.A.R.S.' funds. The total raised this year is an amazing £50. Thank you to all involved in the making, distribution and purchase of this delicious wine. Your continued support in this way is very much appreciated.

We are also very grateful to Local Telecom Service LTD, a company in York which has again provided computer equipment for the school here in Iaşi. This help is much appreciated, as it enables finances we have specifically for the school to be channelled into essential supplies for the children who attend. Thank you, Mark and Sarah, for this generous donation.


As usual, we spent a whole day buying, packing and distributing one hundred parcels of food and toiletries, plus a few luxuries, back in December. Petrica and Viorica gladly helped us, and the gifts were received with joy by all concerned. It was great to meet up again with our friends at Voivodeasa.


We enjoyed a meal with many other members of the school's staff before Christmas at a local Chinese restaurant.

Sue had several classes to teach during December to cover for two other English teachers who were absent, and also continued with her two classes of international students until just before Christmas.

Ian is trying to get things to "a straight edge" before we leave, and spent two or three days during the Christmas holiday working while the children were away, making it easier for all concerned.

We have spoken to Cristi, the headmaster of the school, and, although sorry we are leaving, he is also glad that God is leading us into a new stage of our lives for Him. We will finish officially at the end of this term, in early February.


We would be very grateful for your continued prayers at this auspicious time in our lives.

Please pray for the following issues:
For the sale of our house in Volovăţ as soon as possible.
For our visas which are essential to allow us to move to and stay in the U.S.A.
For the packing and shipping of our belongings by sea before we leave Romania.
For the trip to the U.K. (see below), that it will take place at the right time and we will be able to get to see the people we need to, and update the various groups around the country who support and pray for us and our ministry.
That we will continue to listen to God as we move forward step by step, and that He will lead us at His pace.

WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN MANY MIRACLES IN OUR SITUATION AND PREPARATIONS FOR THIS MOVE, please thank God with us for His hand on us and His guidance and love.


Before we actually leave for the States (as yet we have no time scale at all, it is all in God's hands), we plan to spend some time in the U.K., updating supporters and of course spending time with family and friends. As soon as we have definite dates, we will be in touch with everyone to arrange some kind of itinerary for the talks, and to meet up with friends and family as we travel around the country. Please be patient with us; we honestly can't say when this will happen, although we are hoping that our big move will take place by the summer - God knows. Please pray with us as we move towards this huge step of faith, we still need your prayers and support, and appreciate your many years of faithful backup and love.


Firstly, thank you to all who sent us Christmas greetings, either by email, message or by snail mail. We really appreciate your kindness in remembering us, and can't put into words how much of a blessing it is for us to receive these messages, especially by post!

However, if you sent us any kind of parcels, the sad truth is that we have not received them; the postal service in Iaşi area seems to be less reliable than that in Volovăţ.

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