Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 6th July 2017

Newsletter for May - June - July 2017.

Dear supporters, the newsletter this time is just that - a letter full of news! Due to the fact that our usual computer equipment is sailing towards the U.S.A., we are unable to send out our usual, more high-tech version!!

Due to our geographical meanderings, we are later than usual with this missive; we will see where we are before sending out the next one!! This is now officially the May, June, July issue of J.A.R.S. news.

Running through my mind as I begin to write this is the song, "God is good", particularly the verse,

"And when I think of his love for me, my heart fills with praise and I feel like dancing, For is His heart there is room for me, and I run with arms open wide….."

We have seen and will see His goodness. Some of the evidence of this will be reported in this missive.


Our time in Romania has come to an end! The last few weeks, since we last wrote to you, have been eventful, happy, sad, busy, hopeful, thankful, tiring…. and probably any other emotion or feeling you can name!

We are thankful for the backup we have had from all our supporters: those who pray, keep in touch, give financially, encourage and love. Thanks to those who have given advice, and those who have cheered us on from the States, making us feel welcome before we even get there.

Closer to home, we appreciated the love and support of the two couples in Romania, who rejoiced with us as we moved ever closer to our departure from Romania, in spite of the fact that they really didn't want us to leave… Misu and Livia, Petrica and Viorica, we love you and pray that our Lord will bless you as you move on with Him.

In the end, three months were taken up in packing and preparing our belongings for shipping. In amongst that (which, of course, included selling, giving away or throwing away some things), we spent quite a lot of time publishing leaflets about our work and putting together a DVD for use during the Grand Tour in Blighty. Once our stuff had been sent, we then set to to clean the house from top to bottom, and to clear out the outbuildings. The following two weeks we spent time visiting the Gypsy village and also a couple of days at Brodina with Misu and Livia; both these visits were a blessing.

The last few weeks in Romania were difficult, as we waited to get paperwork in place to allow Livia to sell the house for us, and were in the unusual position of not having a great deal to do. Added to the fact that our house was virtually empty, we found it hard to "hang around" for the two or three weeks before we left.


We are delighted to report that Petrica and Viorica have already started up a canteen in the village, based for now in their own home and courtyard, in answer to God's call. The first meal was a huge success, with over fifty people coming to eat (in two sittings!) as our friends cheerfully and willingly served a giant salami stew to all comers. J.A.R.S. has paid for some essential kitchen equipment for the canteen, including a large pan and several soup bowls and spoons. A personal donation from one of our supporters also paid for a food processor, which will be a boon for preparing vegetables.

Picture of the canteen in progress.
The canteen in progress.

Sadly, there have been some problems in the church at Voivodeasa, and we continue to pray that God will work within those who disrupt and interrupt His work in the village.


Misu and Livia are already (up the hill) at Brodina, preparing for this summer's camps. They plan to hold four camps this year as well as the annual conference, and are also hoping that another group will use the facilities, which will be a huge help towards the costs of their own camps. J.A.R.S. has already given a donation towards the camps of £1,000.

At least one of the camps will feature the telling of the life story of Corrie Ten Boom, which Sue told at a camp several years ago, and which God blessed in an amazing way. We have bought a copy of "The Hiding Place" in Romanian to allow Misu to learn and tell the story to older children this summer.


Shortly after the container set sail for America, we made the decision to leave Romania regardless of the fact that our house still had not sold. This entailed making Livia a signatory to allow her to sell the house, which of course took a few days to arrange. We are grateful to her for agreeing to do this. It is a huge responsibility and will take some of her time, especially as Camp Season approaches. She and Misu have agreed to look after the house, for which we are truly grateful.

Not long before leaving, we did have some seemingly serious interest in the house, but we will have to wait and see what God has in store.


At last we are able to publish with this letter the itinerary for the Grand Tour which we will make shortly around England. You can download it from a link to the left of this page. Please read it, pray about it, and, if possible, come along to one of the talks we will be giving. We'd love to see you all, but even if we can't, we thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. There is a phone number on the Itinerary, so please do give us a call - if we can't see you, it would at least be good to hear your voice!!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ITINERARY IS NOT COMPLETE, but approximate dates have been added towards the end for venues and meetings we are not yet entirely sure of. Do please call us if you wish to attend these events.


Once again, we ask if anyone is interested or feels called to be one of J.A.R.S.' Trustees. This entails one meeting each year (usually taking place in the north east of England - but it might be possible to attend via Skype). J.A.R.S oversees our ministry and the Trustees are mainly there to make decisions on issues such as the distribution of J.A.R.S.'o; funds, to be a sounding board for us when we need advice and to generally back us up in our struggles and triumphs as we go about God's work.


As mentioned last time, please consider if you are able to take on the job of printing and posting this letter every two months. Around fifty copies are posted nowadays, and the whole procedure should take only around two hours.

Alternatively, are there a few volunteers who could print, say, five copies and post them out each time. If we had ten people able and willing to do this (as soon as they receive notification!!), this would help hugely, rather than us posting all the letters from the U.S. Thanks.


Firstly, we want to make something very clear. We are moving to a small town in the state of Illinois in North America called Ottawa. We are NOT going to Ottawa, Canada!!!!

We are blessed that provision has been made for us to live in Pastor John and Glenda's apartment when we get to Ottawa; this is a huge help to us as we won't need to rush into buying a property as soon as we arrive. Space has also been earmarked for the contents of the container we have sent, in a secure storage unit, and there will be willing volunteers to empty it when it is delivered in mid-July.

Encouragement continues to come via emails and messages from friends in the States (not all of them in Ottawa), and we look forward to being there in the near future. We are included in the church announcements, even though we can't attend things yet, and someone has even put a jar of rhubarb jam aside for us!! (An incentive to get there - as if we needed one!).

The visas were applied for back in March, and it's now a waiting game. We have it on good authority that the "usual" time lapse is around five months from application, but of course this is not set in stone, so we can only ask God to arrange everything in His time.

Many years ago, we were given a word from God, saying that we would find favour with the authorities, and that He would cut through the red tape; we have stood on these promises many, many times over the years (especially during the time when we were passing the Romanian and other borders several times each year with aid!), and He has never failed us. We trust Him completely in this new situation, and look forward to the ways in which He will take us to where He wants us to be.


We arrived safely in the U.K. on Saturday, 1st July. Sue injured her back (a long-term problem which flares up from time to time) on the journey across Europe, so is now undergoing a course of osteopathy treatment whilst in Blighty. Although this is an expensive business, we are hoping and praying that it will put paid to the problems and enable Sue to get back to regular exercise once we hit the States.

With our heartfelt thanks for your prayers,interest and support.

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