Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 7th October 2019

Misu's letter to supporters.

Picture of Misu and Livia

Our dear friends,
Thank God for your friendship and for everything that has given us the chance to do this year. We thank you for the support we have from you and we pray that God will bless you.

This year our work has changed a little, because we closed the store and we do not sell retail anymore but we try to sell wholesale to other stores. I made this change because I couldn't pay the salary needed to keep the store open daily. So far it seems to work and we have managed to sell more efficiently than before. That's why Livia goes once or twice a week, as needed and sells the merchandise demanded by clients. Also in those days, we give aid consisting of clothes and other materials received from you, to the poor families we support.

Also this year, we started to use the location in Brodina for tourist activities, to generate the necessary funds for the activities for children and young people that our foundation is doing in Brodina. These camps and conferences usually take place between July and August, and the tourist activities during the rest of the year.

We continue to help families with difficulties and to get involved in the problems of children and young people specific to the current generation, through 5 projects that they carry out:

- Help for families with sick children (5 families who have children with chronic illnesses that require specific recovery treatments)
- Monthly scholarships for children and young people. (4 families with 9 children in total)
- Help with clothes and materials (50 families receive help every 4 months, consisting of clothes and other materials)
- Camps (5 camps and 6 camp preparation meetings, attended by a total of 230 children and young people)
- Conferences (2 conferences attended by a total of 50 people and we will have another conference in November)

In our personal life there was a big change, because we sold our house in Radauti and bought one in Brodina. For us this year was full of satisfaction and joy and thank God for that!

Thank God that He has given us power, wisdom and has protected us as only He can do it!

Thank you again for your support and we will attach some pictures from our camps. God bless!

Misu si Livia

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The children enjoying games The kids enjoying games Sue telling the children's story Dancing in the evening
Dressed up for the play Kids Dressed up for the play Dressed up for the sketch group photo last day

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